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Firstly, my name is Ryan Parker and I've been battling hives for the best part of my life. I'm 38 years old now and I can remember having hives as far back as when I was 5 years old. Thats 33 years dealing with this crap. I've never been able to find a cure for this condition. I've never been able to find all the triggers. The only relief I get is with strong anti-histamines that I take after the out-break.

The purpose of this site is to share what I've learnt and also to share how I finally solved this hives "riddle".

My out-breaks can occur anytime and anywhere. I never found what the true triggers are although stress and dehydration seem to be a my main issues. If I have a bad day in the office, I'll come home and expect a horrible out-break at night. If I exercise I'll 100% getting it. Hives has always been the one major thing that holds me back. I can't go on holidays to tropical places for fear of the out-breaks. I can't go hicking, heck, I can't even play football with my kids without worrying about my hives.

Here's some pictures of my out-breaks:

Back   Hives Belly
My Back                                                                                                         My Belly

Imagine, I got this 3-4 times a week and you know how ITCHY, ANNOYING & FRUSTRATING it is...

Some nights it's so bad that I couldn't even sleep. I took the anti-histamines but only those drowsy ones worked. The next day I'd feel terrible. No amount of coffee could wake me up and I just couldn't do my job properly. It was a terrible cycle and I had to do something about it.

So, instead of taking the doctor's advice and loading up on anti-histamines everyday, I took all my spare time to research other cures for hives. I spent most of my time researching the internet and found some stuff that is utterly BS but other stuff actually worked for me! Strangely enough, I found that hives was a chemical imbalance in the body that could be corrected with some simple lifestyle changes. Since taking steps to re-balance my body, my hives out-breaks have reduced substantially.

Since reading Dr. Levin's guide and understanding my immune system better  I've only had ONE outbreak for the last 6 months.

I am hoping that this lasts and frankly, I am very hopeful. I can concentrate on my family, my work and my life with the proper energy I should have. It took me 33 years to figure this crap out and I'm not letting hives take another moment away from my life.

As I said before the purpose of this site is to help spread what I've learnt so I can help others. Here is a compilation of what worked for me and what didn't.

Lets start with stuff that doesn't work:

NO: Anti-Histamines

The Claim: Hives are supposedly caused by histamines going crazy and creating the welts & rashes we see. Anti-histamines take away these histamines so the rashes and welts can subside.

The Goods: Some anti-histamines really do work. However, it is only a short-term solution.

The Bads: You can be sure that hives will come back either tomorrow or the day after. Anti-histamines only work when you already have an out-break and it doesn't really cure you, its just something to relieve the symptoms. Not something to cure the underlying problem. Lets not even go into the terrible drowsiness of some anti-histamines.

Conclusion: Doctors all prescribe it but I hate it. It really isn't a solution. Just something to ease the symptoms. I wish I didn't have to rely on them so much before. I don't even know if there's any negative affect on my brain since I've been taking them for so long.

Link: Anti-Histamines

NO: Special Diets / Strange Foods

The Claim: By eating some foods some people claim that you can cure hives.

The Goods: I've tried all the "cleansing" diets and even some of those "re-balance your hormones" diets and nothing worked. If anything, the bad nutrition made my problems worse because of the stress.

The Bads: Some of the strange foods I ate like frog legs etc actually made my hives worse! I might have actually been allergic to these "exotic" foods. Don't do anything drastic with your diet, it'll just make your hives problem worse.

Conclusion: Changing your diet and adding wierd exotic foods to your diet isn't going to help. If anything, it'll make you feel worse.

Link: Special Diets / Strange Foods

NO: Steroids / Corticosteroids

The Claim: These generally come in the form of creams that doctors give to patients with chronic hives. Most of these creams might look and feel like normal creams however their contents are very strong medicines with harmful side effects.

The Goods: These medicines are extremely effective against the rashes and welts caused by hives. This is because of the strong steroid active ingredients.

The Bads: The strong steroid chemicals inside these creams can upset hormone balance, mood and even cause you to be more succeptible to infection because it's an immune system suppresant. The negatives are too great to consider using it long term.

Conclusion: For those that get hives regularly, using cortisosteroids frequently is dangerous. It is a powerful drug with deadly side-effects. It should never be used frequently and over a long period of time.

Link: Steroids / Corticosteroids

Here is the stuff that worked for me:

YES: Oxy Hives

The Claim: A powerful natural cure to ease the itching and burning while comforting the pain and swelling. It doesn't contain anti-histamines or harmful steroids.

The Goods: One of the most effective all-natural medicines that ease the symptoms of hives. It is made from all-natural products and can be used everyday without fear. It is about as effective as corticosteroid creams but without any of the adverse effects. Use this while trying to cure your underlying problem causing the hives.

The Bads: It is a bit expensive but I suppose all good things don't come cheap. Shipment can be a bit slow if its allergy season. It isn't a cure for hives but really helps with the symptoms.

Conclusion: This product was a god send for me. The only cream that worked for me was full of steroids and I was already feeling the side effects. With Oxy Hives, I could safely use it everyday to help me feel better.

Link: Oxy Hives

YES: Dr. Gary M. Levin (M.D.) - Hives Treatment

The Claim: Hives isn't an allergic reaction that we are all thought to believe. Instead, it is caused by and over active immune system. The reason for the overactive immune system is varied and must be determined using before changes to lifestyle can be recommended.

The Goods: This is one of the most comprehensive looks at what elements in your life contribute to your hightened immune system and subsequently what steps can be taken to re-align your immune system to accept small allergens without overreacting.

The Bads: Its a holistic approach so some of the things said in the book are a bit wishy-washy. It also takes alot of time and patience. I went through the course and to my surprise my out-breaks became less frequent and I could actually exercise again without breaking out.

Conclusion: This was the first program that I signed-up for that actually worked. It isn't a cream or medication for your hives. Its an holistic method to manage your overactive immune system. It works and I would highly recommend it to any hives sufferers.

Link: Dr. Gary M. Levin (M.D.) - Hives Treatment

YES: Natural Urticaria Relief

The Claim: Urticaria or Hives is caused by hypersentivity due to gastrointestinal tract problems caused by fungus and bacteria which deminish your body's tolerance to allergens.

The Goods: A cheaper product and it still offers the reader a good understanding of the underlying issues that cause hives. It certainly isn't as detailed as Dr. Gary's but there is still enough information so that positive steps can be taken to cure the problem.

The Bads: The information is good however it is a bit brief. The reader will get a sound understanding of what causes hives but curing it is up to the reader to experiment. While the information provided is important I believe that researcher could have taken a step further in helping the reader determine the most common causal factors instead of just leaving it up to the reader to discover.

Conclusion: This was the first product that I bought that helped me understand what underlying factors caused hives. It provides enough information so the reader can implement positive steps however the reader still needs to expand his research to fully cure the problem.

Link: Natural Urticaria Relief

I would recommend that anyone wanting to relieve their hives head over to the sites I've mentioned above. Some of them like Oxy Hives offer relief from the symptoms while other guides and consultation try to cure the underlying problem. All of the ones in the green boxes above have worked for me. Please try them out.

I sincerely hope that it works as well for you as it did for me.